Welcome aboard to the Product Buds Book Club! We are so excited to have you join us as we spend the upcoming months reading books that will advance your knowledge in the field of Product Management. Whether you are an aspiring Product Manager (PM) who just stumbled on this field recently or a current PM who is well-versed in many areas of Product, this opportunity will allow you to learn, grow, and share your knowledge with others in the Product Buds community! 😇

🎯What are the Goals/Objectives of our Book Club?🎯

From joining the Product Buds Book Club, we hope you will learn more about topics related but not limited to Product Management, Product Design, and Product Strategy. Your learning will be fostered through discussions about the books we read on the #bookclub Slack channel and virtual discussion sessions among book club members via Zoom.

📖What Books are We Reading?📖

Based on analysis of our initial survey data, our leadership team has decided that the first two books that we will be reading together are:

1️⃣Cracking the PM Interview by Gayle Laakmann McDowell and Jackie Bavaro

2️⃣Inspired: How to Create Tech Products Customers Love by Marty Cagan

For the first round of book club, you can choose to join discussions (via Slack or Zoom) on one of these books OR on both of these books. Once we have finished reading these books, we will conduct more community polls to decide which books to read next.

Note: If you have already read both books, you can still contribute to the discussions (you'll still learn from others in the community this way) or you can consider being a moderator for book club sessions.

📚How Can I Acquire Books to Read?📚

To participate in the Product Buds #bookclub, the first step is to acquire the books that have been pre-selected by our leadership team. Books can be acquired in a multitude of ways, of which those methods are listed below:

✅Buy the physical book via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, EBay, Walmart, etc.

✅Buy the e-book or audiobook via Amazon Kindle Store, NOOK, Audible, etc.

✅Share the e-book with another member of the Product Buds community (you must initiate this process yourself by messaging in the #bookclub channel that you’d like to share with another member)

If you have difficulties obtaining a copy of the book, please email [email protected] and our leadership team will try to assist you.

💬How Will We Discuss the Books We Read?💬